1. How much time does IRJPS take for review process and publication?
Answer: Rapid publication is hallmark feature of IRJPS. We publish article in the next available Issueprovided that there is no delay from corresponding author in case of any correction.

2. What sort of articles are published in IRJPS?
Answer: We accept research article, review article and short communication. The journal welcome articles on all aspects of sciences with strong emphasis on originality.

3. Does author need to provide their photograph?
Answer: No, Photo submission is not compulsory or mandatory.

4. Can I post an article online?
Answer: Presently You can submit on site as well as you can mail your article to the editor of IRJPS submit2irjps@gmail.com

5. How much would it cost to publish in the journal ?
Answer:The Publication charge will be: For Indian Authors Rs.1200/- International authors 50 $ Published papers appear electronically and are freely available from our website.

6. Can I be reviewer in IRJPS?
Answer: Yes, IRJPS welcomes scientists from academia, industry, government to be part of review panel. The scientists are requested to send their updated resume to the editor for approval to editorirjps@gmail.com

7. How many authors are allowed in a article?
Answer: Not more than Six authors should be included in one article..